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Tegan and Sara, Orpheum, Los Angeles, CA

Took my ailing wife (the muscles in her back have locked up, and I could not convince her to just rest) to see Tegan and Sara for the 3rd time last night, and once again it was an amazing show.

Tonight was the kick off of their new tour for their 6th Album Sainthood which is released on Tuesday (though their album has been streaming on MySpace for a few days, so we could hear it first). The Quin sisters were amazing as usual, not only in their playing, but of course in their banter, which is what makes their live shows so much fun, in fact I think my wife enjoys it more than the show. They are hysterical, honestly they could do a comedy album! Actually I would love to hear an album of theirs with songs, and banter in between each! The show was excellent, and I just wish they were like Pearl Jam and released each concert on MP3 could purchase later, because I would love to have copies of all the shows I have seen of there’s, as they are all great shows, and quite amusing.

Tegan and Sara

The sisters started off they show, with a song that sounded like a 50’s pop song, sung by them, that played before and as they came out over the PA. What this is, I don’t know, but I like it. (If anyone knows what this was, I would love to hear it!)

The set list was a great mix. They started off with a group of popular songs, then rocked through 6 new songs, followed by another 4 or 5 old songs. After this was 7 more new songs to finish out the complete new album, and then back to old favorites.

Tonight there was no encore, they just played through, as it seems Sara hates the awkwardness of Encores, since they are just expected now (which I totally agree with), and it felt like they played a greatest hits as well as the whole new album, so to me it was a nearly perfect set. And the girls were on top form.

I was also surprised to see a lot more guys there this time than at previous shows, though we were still in the definite minority, with lesbian couples making up the majority of the attendees. The only thing bad about that, is the excited audience was so high pitched it tended to hurt my ears, but that can only be expected at a Tegan and Sara concert.

Loved the new light show too. They had 8 lights that would turn around and do all sorts of different lighting things, and looked cool against their large paint by numbers back drop.

These girls rock, and I can’t recommend seeing them any more highly, because they are so much fun to see live, and they will convert you into fans!

Their opening band was a girl from Portland called Laura Veirs, who was very indy. I enjoyed her set, though my wife did not.

Stereogum has photos from the Oct 26th show at their site.

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