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Miss Sloane by John Madden (2016)

Hmm, for a film that had a lot of talk about being an Oscar contender I have to admit that I got bored in this film and have been trying to wrack my brain and figure out what the point of this film was, and especially the character motivations in the film. Sure the twist at the end was unexpected, but it did nothing to explain the character motivations, and in some ways even made them harder to understand. And while it was overall about the gun lobby and lobbying in general, it didn’t really make a huge political statement either way, other than to say lobbying system is about as corrupt as it can be on basically all sides of every issue. So I really can’t get the point of this film.

Of course I am also not a big Jessica Chastain fan. I was really not impressed by her in Zero Dark Thirty, and I didn’t like A Most Violent Year at all. And she didn’t impress me much in the Martian. To me she shows very little emotion and kind of has dead eyes, so having her as the lead does not help me like a film at all.

REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS…And while I did like the twist at the end that actually Miss Elizabeth Sloane had set almost everything up, and had kept an insider within her old company that had become her enemy. I hate that she had purposely set herself up for the congressional hearing, knowing she would get 3-5 years in prison, and to learn she actually did everything for no money at all. So what exactly was her motivation? Was it because her old boss was a dick to her? Was it because she was killing herself as a drug addict to keep working? She hated herself and her life? I really don’t get it. Why would she do all of it, because she wanted to win no matter the cost, even at the expense of her entire career forever and her life?

I really was bored half way through and just trying to figure out the point of this film. Just saying all the lobbyist and congress people are way too corrupt?

This is certainly one I would not bother seeing, nor would I ever see it again.

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