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Atomic Blonde by David Leitch, 2017

When I heard that the uncredited co-director of the amazing John Wick was doing a female driven action movie with Charlize Theron I was all in. And I am so glad I went to see this amazing action film. Not only is it a great film with a stellar cast and great music, but the action is top notch. In fact the middle fight scene, shot to look as if it is all done in one take, should be taught in film school because it is so amazing! For any action movie lover this is an absolute must see! THIS FILM IS GREAT!

In East Germany on 1989 before the Collapse of the Berlin Wall an MI6 agent James Gascoigne (Sam Hargrace) is killed by a KGB agent named Yuri Bakhtin (Johannes Haukur Johannesson) along with a watch that has a list of every secret agent working in the area including a Soviet Spy who has been betraying the allies named Satchel. An M16 agent, Lorraine Broughton (Charlize Theron) is brought in to get the list back, and we begin inter cutting with her interrogation by MI6 agent Eric Gray (Toby Jones) and CIA agent Emmet Kurzfeld (John Goodman).


Lorraine is the Gascoigne’s ex lover, though she doesn’t let on to that, and is brought in to West Germany the day after his dead to meet up with the Ferrel bureau chief of Berlin David Percival (James McAvoy). As she arrives she is grabbed by KGB agents, but escapes and is picked up be Percival.

Lorraine goes into Gascoigne’s apartment and finds a photo with Percival, but is ambushed by the Police. Only Percival knows where she was, so she realizes he must be Satchel.

Lorraine is also being followed by a beautiful french agent Delphine Lassalle (Sofia Boutella) with almost no experience, and she sleeps with her, and kind of falls for her.

Percival finds out where Bakhtin is, who wants to sell the list and kills him and takes it, reading it himself.

Lorraine leans of Spyglass an East German defector who made the list (Eddie Marsan) who is as good as the list, and plans with her own contact Merkel (Bill Skarsgard) and Percival on getting him out. Percival betrays them and shoots Spyglass, but Lorraine gets him away from him with the help of Merkel’s people (and that long ass single shot action scenes. They escape in a car, but are knocked into the river and Spyglass dies.

Percival goes and kills Delphine who photographed him working with Russian Aleksander Bremovych (Roland Moller), and is going to run, but Lorraine catches him. He says the list shows that she is satchel and she kills him.

Back at the interogation Lorraine plays tape she spliced that implicates Percival as being Satchel, but claims to have never gotten the list, so she is released.

In Paris Lorraine meets up with Bremovych as Satchel, where she hands over the list, but then kills him and his henchmen, and explains that she was playing him from the beginning.

Lorraine then gets on a private jet and meets Emmet Kurzfeld, as she was always a triple agent for the CIA!


WOOO! What a film! Lets hope it gets a sequel. It is just so damn good! And the action, wow. She really proved she can be an amazing action star! And I love that it was her passion project.

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