Whale of a Tale Productions

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Single Resume

I have finally updated my resume so it is a single page only for my Editing, Motion Graphics and Color Correction. I have then made a Additional Resume which has more of my work and additional explanation on some jobs, as well as info on my gear and jobs before editing.

I have kept the old naming conventions for my resumes up because of links I used to include in my cover letters, but they are all now the same resume. My resumes are always available on the Resume page.

Updated my Resumes

I have updated all of my resumes to reflect my recent equipment change, and recent Direct Response Work. My old ECGA NVIDIA Geforce GTX 670 4GB Kicked the bucket, so I had to replace it. I now have a Zotac AMP! Edition Geforce GTX 980 4GB which is a 100% speed improvement over the old model. You can download them off of my Resume page.

Rapidweaver 7 not working for this site UPDATE

So I did some changes to my site in Rapidweaver 6, and tried to see if I could get it to work in Rapidweaver 7, but no I have got nothing. It is just not working in Rapidweaver 7, only 6. Though my JonahLee.com site seems to work fine in Rapidweaver 7. SHIT!!!

Slight update to Resumes

I have updated my Resumes slightly to include Adobe Creative Cloud 2017. You can download my Resumes here. There are 4 versions. I have my Direct Response and Commercial Resume, my Editing Resume and then 2 combined resumes on with DR first and one with my Editing First.

Rapidweaver 7 not working

Got RapidWeaver 7 in one of those software bundles for $19.95, but can't use it as of yet. While my Jonahlee.Com site seems to move over just fine, my Whale of a Tale Site will open, but the resulting project won't save and gets stuck in a beachball! Damn!

So I am currently doing some work on the page in Rapidweaver 6. Shoot!

I did realize I had some wrong versions showing my Reels and some did not have mobile versions of videos, so I am fixing all of that, and then I will try to move my site over again.

I posted on the RealMac forums, so maybe someone can help.
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