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Tin Star, created by Rowan Joffe, 2017 Amazon Video

I am a big fan of Tim Roth so I decided to give this show a try and this intense crime drama drew me in quickly, and I watched it in 2 days. Wow. This is dark and enjoyable. It really sucked me and kept me there for the whole ride! Well worth checking out and I am looking forward to season 2, though I have no idea quite how it will work. I love how they show the big action of an episode at the start and lead up to how it happened, and it is always brutal.

Jim Worth (Tim Roth) is a British cop working as the police chief in a small town in the Canadian Rockies called Little Big Bear. He moved with his family, wife Angela (Genevieve O’Reilly) teanage daughter Anna (Abigail Lawrie) and young son Peter (Rupert Turnbull). He works with Constable Denise Minahik (Sarah Podemski) a native american who trusts him and her hidden boyfriend constable Nick McGillen (Ryan Kennedy) who hates worth with his whole being. In the area is a large and evil Oil Corporation North Stream Oil who are doing all they can to stop any dissent on their drilling operations. Their head of security is the scary Louis Gagnon (Christopher Heyerdahl) who is literally spying on the Sheriff and they have their new public relations officer Elizabeth Bradshaw (Christina Hendricks). 4 lowlifes from London show up, Simon also known as Whitey (Oliver Coopersmith) Franke Keane (Ian Puleston-Davies), Johnny (Stephen Walters) and Reginald Godswill (Tobi Bamtefa) and go to work at North Stream. Worth tells the town that he is against the Oil Company and will do all he can to stop them and they get threatened and a snake is left that almost gets Peter, so they run to the big city but stop at a gas station and are attacked and Peter is killed and a piece of his skulls goes into Angela’s head.


Rim Roth in Tin Star

It turns out Worth has a dark past, that we slowly learn move of. First the alcoholic starts drinking again and wakes up on the reservation in the bed of native american junkie Jaclyn Letendre (Michelle Thrush), causing problems with the tribe who are getting pay outs from North Stream. Worth blacks out when he drinks, and he drinks allot waiting for the killers to come get him.

Anna is disturbed and ends up hanging out with Whitey who she starts falling for. Whitey meanwhile is planning on killing her to get back at Worth, but falls for her and ends up killing Johnnie.

Angela awakens and Anna tells her about Worth’s drinking and she kicks him out, but goes to his hotel and drinks with him and points him at the ones that killed their son.

Slowly we learn that Jim Worth was an undercover cop for like 20 years in London and he was deep in a gang, with a woman who was Whitey’s mother. And they loved him, but he was found out and she was ostracized by the family and went nuts. And Whitey has called on his uncle and family friends to get Worth. And when Jim drinks he becomes that other identity Jim Devlin, a killer.

Bradshaw ends up tangled up with Letendre who has dirt on Gagnon and his dirty dealings, and they run and end up with Angela, killing him and burning down their house to cover it up. Bradshaw uses this to take over North Stream.

Ana meanwhile is trying to run away with Whitey who killed her brother, but Devlin is after them. He shoots Constable McGillen in the leg when he tries to arrest him and goes after them.

We see in flashback his time with Whitey as a child and his mom, and he kills Whitey, but Anna grabs the gun and aims at Devlin/Worth and pulls the trigger and we cut to black!


HOW IS THERE ANOTHER SEASON? Obviously Worth isn’t killed and McGillen can’t prove anything against his boss, but what more story and wow! Really an intense show that is worth checking out!

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