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The Girl on the Train by Tate Taylor (2016)

I was warry of this adaption of the novel of the same name by Paula Hawkins, mainly because the trailers reminded me too much of Gone Girl which I hated. Fortunately I was wrong. And after starting the film not liking the drunken and unreliable narrator played by Emily Blunt, i really got sucked in and felt sorry for her. This is a really great story and a good film, one of the best of the year in fact (though this year has certainly has not had the best filns).


Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt) is a mess and an alcoholic, riding the train every day. She is obsessed with a couple she watches from the train, Megan (Haley Bennett) and Scott (luke Evans). The couple lives 2 doors from her ex husband Tom (Justin Theroux) and new Wife Anna (Rebecca Ferguson)  amd their baby. Rachel is still onsessed with Tom, having ruined their marriage with drinking after they could not get pregnant. One night while on the train Rachel sees Anna cheating on her husband with another man, Kamal (Édgar Ramirez) and gets off the train to confront her, but is so drunk. She wakes up, covered in blood with almost no memory of the night, and Anna is missing.





Rachel is confronted by Detective Sgt. Riley (allison Janney) who suspects her of the crime.


Rachel goes to Scott, telling him she is a friend of Megan, and tells him about Anna’s cheating, but when Scott tells the police they begin to suspect him, especially once Megan is found dead, and pregnant but not by Scott.


Rachel meanwhile having found that Megan is cheating with her psychiatrist, Dr. Kamal Abdic, so she schedules an appointment with him. And she begins to discuss her past with Tom. They talk about an incident where she lashed out at an office party to Tom’s bosses wife Martha (Lisa Kudrow) which led to Tom being fired.


At a bar Rachel recognizes a man she has seen on the train, who found her in a tunnel having been beaten on the night Megan went missing, and when he tried to help her, he told her to fuck off. She goes to the tunnel and realizes it was Tom who beat her in the tunnel, and that he was with Megan the night she died.


Rachel sees Martha on a train and apologizes, but Martha tells her she did nothing wrong, and Tom was fired for sleeping around at the office. Everything Tom told Rachel was a lie. And he was abusive


Rachel goes to tell Anna, but Anna is scared of her, though in fact it was not Rachel that was calling Tom all the time, but Megan. They get the whole story of how Megan was not happy with ScottTom attacks Rachel and is going to kill her, but she stabs him with bottle opener and kills him. And Anna confirms the story to the police.


A year later, Rachel has a job now and still commutes on the train, but sits on the other side as she has moved on.




Really a good film. I love having the unreliable narrator, much like Mr. Robot. I really didn’t like her at first, and by the end really felt sorry for her. And that surprised and delited me. A great story, well acted and worth seeing.

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