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The Eagle Huntress by Otto Bell (2016)

I can’t even believe that this documentary is not up for best picture at the oscars! This is such an amazing film. A great story, amazing vistas, such great characters! It is feel agood, and life affirming. And it is shot so well! This is an absolute must see! I loved it!


This is the story of Aishlopan a 13 year old Kazakh girl from Mongolia. Her father Nurgaiv is an Eagle Hunter. A position passed down only from father to son in the area for as far back as people can remember. Asholpan is brave and fearless, and her father decides to train her to be an Eagle Huntress. Other Eagle hunters disgree, but Nurgaiv’s father agrees!





Nurgaiv takes Aishlopan to the mountains to get her own eaglett. He must lower her off a cliff, and she deals wth 2 large eagletss, taking one as her own.


Aishlopan’s training goes well and Nurgaiv decides to take his daughter to the annual Golden Eagle Festival, where Eagle Hunters test their skills against each other.


Nurgaiv and his daughter journey far in their finest Eagle hunting clothes, with their 15 pound birds on their arms as they ride their horses. They arrive and Aishlopan enters as the first girl to enter ever, and then she wins making her father proud!


The other Eagle Hunters still think she won’t be able to hunt fox in the winter, but Nurgaiv and Ashlopan head into the wilderness to hunt. The goung is very hard and snowy, and the Eaglett misses the first two foxes, but gets the third. Ashlopan is the first, but likely not the last Eagle Huntress!




Just awesome! And Ashlopan is so cute and fearless! And her father and grandfather so amazing for letting this girl do it! Just fantastic! I loved the film! Just loved it!

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