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Les Miserables by Tom Hooper (2012)


The big screen adaption of the amazing and moving musical is a complete and total failure other than the amazing supporting actress performance of Anne Hathaway, who will likely get the Academy award for her impressive performance. The main problem of he movie is how bad so much of the cast is at singing, especially the 2 leads who should be the best. Both Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe are awful (though Jackman may be be a hair better), and their performances drag the film down. As do those of Helena Bonham Carter, Sasha Baron Cohen though Amanda Seyfried is pretty good as the mousy Cossette. Other than side performers, and Hathaway and Seyfried, the performances are so bad that the moving play and songs are rendered flat, and I was completely pulled out of the story. And while the costumes and locations and sets are great, the lighting is so flat it is not interesting at all. It looks like they are using those lighting blimps to make it all flat and even, which is easy, but completely unimpressive. I can’t recommend you waste your time on this one.

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