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Swiss Army Man by Daniel Scheinert (2016)

I was excited for this as Daniel Radcliffe usually has good taste in his films, for example Horns is a great film. Unfortunately this film doesn’t hold up. It is weird for weird sake, and the ending makes een less sense than the film. Not worth seeing.

Paul Dano plays Hank Thompson a man marooned on an island, about to hang himself when a dead body named Manny (Daniel Radcliffe) washes on the shore. The body has special powers that help Hank to survive.



It is a weird film, with Manny slowly coming back to life, and remembering his past that seems to actually be based on a photo of Hanks of Sarah (May Elizabeth Winstead) a woman Hank is obsessed with but never even talked to.  Eventually the two end up in Sarah’s back yard, and when the police go back into the woods, they see that Hank was in the woods behind Sarah’s house the whole time. So Hank is nuts, but then…


Hank steals Manny’s body and they chase him with Hank’s father and a camera crew. Hank is grabbed by the police, but then Manny farts and shoots out in the water and blasts himself away.


What the fuck? It makes no sense! Is it about a mad man? If so what is the ending? This film is weird for weird’s sake, and just isn’t good.


Don’t waste your time.

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