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Star Wars: The Last Jedi, written and directed by Rian Johnson, 2017

Going into a movie thinking you will hate it does help when a film is not all bad. And the Last Jedi is not all bad. In fact it is vastly better than the Force Awakens (which scares me that JJ is back for the next and final film in the trilogy). Still it has huge issues, some that carry over from the first film, and many that this film creates all on it’s own. The biggest issue for me is Luke Skywalker, and the next is General Lei Organa. Neither are in character or very good, but I will talk about that more later. Other issue include the whole overarching story, that wastes much of the original trilogy, since they beat the Empire, and now New Order borns from it’s ashes has destroyed the New Republic, and the Rebellion is back, but why was there still a rebellion if the new Republic existed, and did destroying the home planet of the New Republic really leave only the small Rebellion in opposition to the New Order? Really? The New Republic had no fleets at all? It makes no sense! Honestly the Expanded Universe books make so much more sense! Still problems aside I did enjoy Fynn (John Boyega) and newcomers Rose (Kelly Marie Tran) and DJ (Benicio del Toro) as well as Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) and Rey (Daisy Ridley) and I even enjoyed her interactions with Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) even if I hated his emo headsmash moment. Decent, though not as good as Rogue One. And not having put Han, Luke and Lei together in the first film was a crime!

The film starts with a bang, with the First Order attacking the Resistance base as the rebels led by General Leia Organa (the now deceased Carrie Fisher). Poe Dameron disobeys orders to continue attack against a New Order heavy dreadnaught, destroying it, but also wiping out the Rebels bombers, and is demoted by Leia.


Then the bridge of Resistance ship is hit, killing Admiral Ackbar, and sending Leia into space, but she uses the force and supermans her way back to the ship, but is left comatose. (This is plain dumb, and I wish they had left her dead here, as the scene is stupid and ridiculous).

The Resistance is on the run from the New Order fleat, and running low on fuel.

Fynn awakens and wants to find Rey, and he realizes that if she uses the tracker to find them she will be trapped in the fight, so he wants to go in an escape pod to lead her away, but he is stopped by Rose Tico a mechanic, whose sister died on the last bomber as she dropped the bombs. Rose knocks out Fynn, but they realize that if they could get on the lead New Order ship they could disable the Hyperspace tracking (a technology that had been previously impossible) and let the Rebels escape.

Vice Admiral Holdo (Laura Dern in a dress instead of uniform, which I find ridiculous) is put in charge, but won’t tell Poe or anyone else her plans. (Again why exactly? Just to move him against the admiral and create conflict where it shouldn’t exist? That is not the mark of s good leader).

Fynn, Rose make a plan with Poe for the two of them to go find a slicer to hack the shields of the lead imperial ship so that Rose can stop the hyperspace tracking and give the rebels 6 minutes to escape.

Meanwhile we continue from the last film with Rey handing luke his father’s lifesaver, and him tossing it over his shoulder and walking away. Nothing Rey says will change Luke’s mind about going to help the resistance even if it is just giving them hope.

Rey is having force connections with Kylo Ren where they talk to each other, but she keeps it from Luke.

Luke eventually agrees to teach Rey 3 lessons to prove that the Jedi should end. He sees the level of her power which scares him, as Kylo Ren’s power should have. And it scares him how quickly she finds the dark side cave on the island, but she turns it on him because he is hiding from the force and hidden from it.

Luke and Kylo give Rey conflicting accounts of the betrayal that led to him turning to the darkside and killing the other students and eventually we learn from Luke that he had felt the evil in Kylo and seeing how in control it was lit his lightsaber to kill him, but realized what he aws doing was wrong, when Kylo awoke and saw this, and that caused him to turn and kill the rest of the trainies. (Of course to me this is not my Luke at all. Not in character in the slightest. In fact we have seen that looks still saw the light even in Darth Vader and a managed to turn him back to the light. Luke would never have fallen so far to almost kill one of his students, and his nephew. I wonder if Johnson has seen the original trilogy. Does he really not get Luke this much. WTF!) Rey goes to the dark side cave and finds only herself, and decides to leave and go to try and turn Kylo Ren who she believes she can turn back to the light.

Poe finds out that Holdo plans to abandon their last ship and escape in the unarmed transports, so he stages a mutiny to buy time for Finn and Rose.

Finn and Rose get to a Casino to find their slicer, but end up in jail. In jail they meet and make a deal with DJ (Benecio Del Toro). After causing some mayhem DJ helps them escape, and slices them through the Imperial shields. They are captured though and Captain Phasma (Gwendoline Christie) pays off DJ who betrayed them and is going to execute them.

Rey arrives and is taken to Kylo and Snoke (Andy Serkis). It turns out Snoke linked their minds and made Kylo confused so she would think she could save him. Kylo does betray Snoke though, cutting him in half, then Kylo and Rey battle the imperial guards together. And Kylo tries to get Rey to join him to rule the universe also telling her that parents were nobodies who sold her into slavery. She refuses and they battle over Anakin’s lightsaber which explodes.

Luke goes to an old tree to burn the original Jedi texts, but Yoda (Frank Oz) shows up and calls down lightning which destroys the tree. Yoda laughs at Luke and tells him to learn from his mistakes.

Poe shuts down the launch bay and takes the bridge. Admiral Holdo quickly escapes and General Organa awakens and helps take the bridge and stuns Poe. Poe awakens on one of the shuttles. The New Order turns away from the big ship and starts taking out shuttles, but Holdo, the last one on the ship, turns toward the New Order flagship and starts the hyperspace drive, crashing right into the flagship doing significant damage to it and much of the fleet.

Phasma and hundreds of storm troopers are knocked down, but Rose remains up and gets Fynn up (really?!?). Fynn battles Phasma, but she falls into flames and seemingly to her death and they are saved by BB-88 and an AT-ST.

Kylo tells General Hux (Domhnall Gleeson) that Rey killed Snoke and escaped in his ship, and takes command of the New Order.

All head to Crait where there is an old Rebel stronghold, and equipment to contact their allies, though no one replies. Poe, Finn and Rose head out to meet the New Order in small craft. Finn heads on a suicide run, but Rose crashes into him to save him because she loves him. Rei arrives in the Millenium Falcon to draw off the fighters.

Luke arrives at the darkest moment to give them hope, and heads out the gate to confront Kylo. The New Order opens fire with everything it has, but Luke walks away unscathed. Kylo goes out to fight him.

The Resistance looks for another exit from the base by following the local animals out if the base toward Rei and the Millenium Falcon.

Luke dodges Kylo’s sword till He is hit by a lightsaber and it goes through him, as Luke is a force projection. Luke tells Kylo that he will not be the last Jedi, as Rei uses the force to save the few members left of the Resistance. Luke cones out of his chance, still back on the island, and then peacefully disapears into the force (WTF! Why not actually show up if he is just going to die. He had his x-wing! Why force project except to keep him safe? This is serious bullshit!).

The Rebels escape in the Falcon with only a handful left in the Rebellion.

Back on the Casino world, one of the children that helped Finn and Rose escape goes to sweep and picks up the broom with the force and is wearing Rose’s secret Rebellion ring.


OK I just hate everything about Luke in this. It is like he learned nothing from the first trilogy. This is not Luke Skywalker at all. This is a useless and dark man, with no redeeming qualities. He won’t even help his sister, after his best friend, he husband died. And we don’t even get to see Luke fight. This is a waste of his character, from a writer and director who didn’t understand him.

And why get Carrie Fisher back to play this useless General. She does basically nothing, except be superwoman after getting blown up on the bridge and blown into space. She should have stayed dead, even if it meant not having her with Luke in a scene (which was a throw away anyway).

And the whole Poe turning against Holdo thing, was just creating conflict where it was not necessary. Trying to make Poe out as a Rebel against all authority. It was unecessary.

Also as I said before, the whole New Republic was only those 5 planets? No fleets? And no allies? What? And why is their a Resistance to the New Order or a New Republic? None of it makes any sense. And there is no one who will help the Resistance? And they hvae only a handful of people that all fit on the Millenium Falcon? WTF?!?!? And yet the New Order who lost a planet full of soldiers on a new death star now have enough ships and fleets to rule the universe? Or could the writers and studio not see a story where it was not the rebels vs the empire, or should I say the Resistance vs the New Order, and didn’t come up with anything that makes sense. It just can’t be thought through and make any sense.

Still I was surprised at how much I liked Kylo and Rey’s story, since Kylo has mostly just annoyed me up to now. Still Snoke was a waste. And Ben Solo’s turn to the dark side in the extended universe books was much more interesting.

And it is certainly a great deal better than The Force Awakens, but still does not feel like Star Wars.

I wish I didn’t like Star Wars so much as then I wouldn’t keep being dissapointed.

I did love Rogue One though.

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