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Mr. Right by Paco Cabezas, 2015

By no means is this a perfect film, but actually it is really fun and enjoyable. Certainly in the vein of Gross Point Blank. And once Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell get together the film really takes off, though Kendrick’s opening scenes don’t work quite as well (has she ever actually been drunk?). Still can’t believe this bombed cause it is a lot of fun, with some great action, and the scene with the knives is worth seeing the whole film.

Martha (Anna Kendrick) is waiting at home for her boyfriend, taking sexy pictures when he shows up with another girl, and then tries to get her into a 3 way. She is distraught and her girlfriend’s take her out partying, but she is a mess. Meanwhile a hit man (Sam Rockwell) shows up at a hotel room where a women has hired him to kill her husband, so he puts on his red clown and kills her. A hit squad is sent after him, though Hopper (Tim Roth) sees they are idiots so stays behind, and listens in as the hit man quickly takes out the whole team.



Hopper gets a call from his boss that he must take out the hit man now, as he used to work with him, and he is to pose as an FBI agent.


Martha goes to the pet shop where her best friend Sophie (Katie Nehra) works, and gets them both mauled by a cat. On the way home at a convenience store, Martha meets the Hit Man, and they quickly hit it off, and go on a date. They spend the next 10 hours together, and he is honest that he kills people, but she thinks he is joking. And he even dodges bullets and kills a hit man outside.


The next day Martha tells Sophie about the Hitman who she doesn’t know his name, so calls him Mr. Right.


A mob family in New Orleons, learn about the Hit Man, who kills whomever hires him, so Von Cartigan (James Ransone) wants to set up his brother and boss Richard (Anson Mount) to be killed. He and his friend Johnny Moon (Michael Eklund) follow the hit man to her house. And they set up the Richard.


Francis shows Martha his knife skills, and shows her that she has them too, and they throw knives at each other. And they have sex. Francis takes Martha with him to the meeting of the hit man job, but Richard has sent someone else, who the Hit Man kills. This freaks her out, amd she goes home.


Hopper shows up playing an FBI agent, and tells her about the hit man whose name is Francis. He tells her how he quit and now kills the people who hire him. Francis shows up and knocks out Hopper, and drags him inside, telling Martha he is not an FBI agent or even CIA, but a hired assassin.


Martha realizes that Francis had never lied to her, and she decides to go with him. As they leave a team of assassins show up, Francis is impressed by Steve (RZA) who could have killed Francis if he wasn’t given such a shitty gun. Von manages to get Martha to once again set up his brother, and gets away because Hopper shows up, though Francis gets away.


Richard won’t let his idiot brother or Johnny leave and even wants to let Martha go, though it is too late. Francis runs into Steve outside and is friendly with him, though could have easily killed him. Francis comes in Von admits that he tricked him to kill his brother, so Francis leaves them to kill each other, with Von killing Richard. Francis finds Martha, but Hopper arrives and battles with Francis. Johnny grabs Martha, but she kills him and then kills Von. Hopper is going to shoot Francis (who no longer wants to kill for Martha), but Steve kills him, and Francis tells him he has a $5,000,000 bounty on him. Martha and Francis leave.


Later Martha and Francis are in Vietnam trying to decide where to go next. A hitman shows up, but Francis distracts him and Martha kills him.




Quite fun, and they are great together. And Tim Roth is always fun!


The worst part are before they get together, as Anna Kendrick is awful drunk, just doesn’t seem like she has ever drank before! And her friends don’t even seem like friends. And the music is forgetable at best. Also the end fight being under a rain machine in full sunlight lighting is just weird and threw me cause it seemed forced.


Still the knife scene is awesome, and their chemistry worked great from that point on! And the action is well done.


A fun movie, and I really enjoyed it! Worth checking out!

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