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Manchester by the Sea written and directed by Kenneth Lonergan (2016)

This is the movie that everyone is freaking out about? Really? What the f***? You have to be kidding me. I really can’t believe this film is getting so much great buzz!


And I was excited to see this since I was born in Massachussets (Marthas Vineyard actually) and my dad lived in Machester by the Sea for about 10 years.


The thing is, this film is nothing but actor bait. No great story. Nothing to show the flashbacks are flashbacks (even though they look to be maybe 10 years apart). And even worse is the music, which is nothing but distracting and inapropriate for the scenes it is in. It is so bad, it kept throwing ne out of the scenes, and making me not care what was going on.



And while the dialogue seems true to life, this slice of life has no character arc as Lee Chandler (Casey Affleck) is so broken he can’t change.


Not even the death of his brother and him being given custody of his nephew can snap him out of his funk. And then we see why, when he was married to Randi (Michelle Williams is great here) and had their 3 children he was an idiot partier, who forgot to put a screen on the fire and caused the death of his 3 kids, then tried to kill himself. And he just can’t take any responsibility anymore. He can’t even talk to women. And when Randi talks to him again, and though she his remarried and has a new kid, she tells him she still loves him, he just can’t deal with it.


And as I mentioned, the music is so distracting in these flashbacks, that you feel nothing for him, all I could think about is how distracting the music is.


And by the end he has taken no responsibility. He has given up his nephew (who seems barely affected by his dad’s death, other than that he is in a freezer and can’t be burried in the frozen ground), and is letting him decide on what to do with the boat and house. He can never forgive himself.


My question is why? What is the point of this film?


And it was made worse by the fact that things kept making me think of Good Will Hunting, first a scene with the nephew’s friends talking about Star Trek, then just Casey Affleck who could have been playing Morgan from that film again.


Seriously this is a best picture contender? You have to be kidding me!


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