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Lion by Garth Davis (2016)

This true story is well done with some powerful performances, though it does drag at times. A good film, but not great. Or at least one I don’t care to watch again.

This is the true story of Saroo Brierley (as a child by Sunny Pawar) a child goes with his brother Guddu (Abhishek Bharate) to do manual labor, but ends up wandering onto a train and falling asleep. He wakes up locked in the car as it travels all the way across India to Calcutta. He gets off, and is alone, not speaking the language Hindi, with no idea even where his home is.



Saroo is eventually adopted by an Australian couple Sue (Nicole Kidman) and John (David Wenham) Brierley from Tasmania. The couple also adopts another Indian Child named Mantish (Divian Ladwa) who is much more troubled.


Saroo (now Dev Patel) grows up and goes to college and is dating Lucy (Rooney Mara). He meets other Indians and starts to remember his old life and his brother and mother Kamla Munshi (Prinyanka Bose). Saroo becomes distant and even loses his job as he spends all his time trying to find his old home and family. He looks at train routes based on speed and uses Google Earth to search.


Sue is distraught as Saroo is ignoring them, and Mantish has many issues and also hides from them. And Saroo hides what he is doing ffrom them.

Eventually Saroo looks further than his search radius and finds his home, and with his adoptive families blessing heads to India. Saroo heads to his hometown and finds his home, but it is abandoned, but a man has him follow him, and leads him to his mom! Saroo also meets his sister and learns his brother in fact died the night he got trapped on the train.

And then we see actual footage of Saroo and his families, which is the best part.


It is a good film, and good story, worth seeing, but not amazing.


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