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La La Land written and directed by Damien Chazelle (2016)

Really? Really? This is the film with all the Oscar Buzz, and that people are saying single handedly will save the musical? You have to be kidding me. It isn’t even a very good musical. I can’t remember a single song. And neither Ryan Gosling or Emma Stone are very good singers nor dancers. Nor is it the love song to Los Angeles everyone thinks it is. It is a conpletely fictitious LA, where the geography is wrong and they have the same street lights literally everywhere. Nor is it a great love story, since other than songs you never see what the two leads see in each other! At best it is a fairly mediocre musical. Not to say I am a huge fan of musicals, but I do love old Busby Berkeley musicals, the Hong Kong shaw brothers musicals of Umetsugu Inoue, Hairspray and especially The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and this can’t touch any of those! This is a total let down! How can this have tied the Oscars for most nominations?


I never see what Mia (Emma Stone) sees in Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) as he is mostly an asshole in the film. I guess they are supposed to see the artists in each other, but he never sees her act in the film, so…

Honestly I don’t really buy their relationship, and the ending of the film proves it, when we see the flash of what it would have taken for them to end up together. Literally everything would have had to change, and neither of them would have been a sucess.

I don’t see what everyone loves so much about this film. Sure he encourages her to take the audition that is her big break, but her advice to him amounted to keeping true to his jazz, though it is literally him selling out that lets him achieve his dream of opening his own Jazz club.

And the best song and dance is the opening on the freeway, which has literally nothing to do with the two leads, except leading to their first encounter, where he honks at her and she flips him off.

I do like the cinematography, which is almost exclusively wide angle steadicam shots, but that is about it.

If this wins awards i don’t know what people are smoking!

Honestly this should not win, and if it does, once again it is Oscars So White! First off the savior off Jazz should not have been white anyway. How much better would it have been if he was African American? And with a powerful and important film like Loving not even getting a nomination for best picture, it really is a joke!

And it isn’t that this is an awful film, but it is not the best of the year, or even a great musical!

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