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Iron Fist by Scott Buck, 2017

Wow, what the hell happened here. I mean I have been pretty impressed by what Marvel and Netflix have been doing with their Marvel series. With great writing and characters, even if they tended to get bogged down in their 13 episode runs, but this is something else entirely. And that something else is just not good at all.

And of course the character had something to do with it, a white martial artist character created in the 70’s during the black exploitation was always going to be a little controversial, but casting an Asian character who was good would have lifted this to a different level and solved so many of the shows problems. How could they think that casting a white actor with obviously no martial arts experience would be any better? It is really bad Daniel Woo has Into the Badlands because he would have been awesome here where Finn Jones just ins’t. He is awful throughout. Not only can he not fight, but he can’t act, and the character is written as a winy bitch and complete moron which makes it even worse. And what is up with his glowy hand power that never seems to work when he needs it? Did they ever read the comic? Yes he plunged his fist into the molten heart of a dragon and got the power of iron fist, but it is not just a a glowy fist, but the power to concentrate his chi  to resist pain and injury.

And sure Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing is a highlight of the show, but her characters arc is stupid and insulting throughout, which also brings the story down. And just to have a martial artist with her own dojo taking martial arts advice from Danny Rand (the Iron Fist played by Finn Jones) is so incredibly insulting.


At to have Colleen Wing turn out to be the Hand, literally the enemy of the Iron Fist, but get changed by his love is also totally insulting.

And I just have no idea what they were trying to do with the story. Way too much of this story boardroom drama of Danny Rand who was thought to be dead, returning and trying to get back his parents company from the family friends, psychotic brother and sister Ward (Tom Pelphrey) and Joy Meachum (Jessica Stroup) and their thought to be dead father Harold (David Wenham) who was brought back to life by the hand, but remains in hiding and can’t figure out if he is the villain or friend to Danny Rand.

And things get even weirder when Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) enters this. The three of them head to China to fight the Hand. No idea why a nurse would need to go with them to fight the hand, or why every guard doesn’t have a gun. I mean WTF!

And then we learn Colleen’s back story working for the hand, but what she things is a good part of the Hand, for Bakuto (Ramon Rodriguez) who is of course evil, and we kind of get rid of David as the villain. Though the Wenham’s remain insane and swinging one way to the other.

And we never even get a glimpse into Kun Lun where when Danny’s parents were killed thanks to David, he was raised by otherworldly monks and became the Iron Fist by defeating a dragon. The only thing we see of it is a the end when Danny and Colleen head there and find many monks dead and Kun Lun gone, destroyed by the Hand, because he wasn’t protecting Kun Lun as he was supposed to. Further proof that he is awful!

And I don’t even know why they brought in Davos (Sacha Dhawan) Danny’s former best friend from Kun Lun, who is jealous that he is Iron Fist, and wants him to return to Kun Lun and do his duty. Maybe next season.

Honestly the show is just awful, and Danny Rand doesn’t deserve his own show, nor a second season. I wish I could get that 12 hours of my life back!


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