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Hell or High Water by David Mackenzie (2016)

Honestly this year has made me so dissapointed by not the oscar hopefuls films of the year but critics and film ratings. In fact I can no longer believe Rotten Tomatoes at all. Especially with this film getting a 98%. I mean, seriously are you kidding me? This film is not a great film, nor even a good or compelling film. In fact it is borring film that amounts to 3 conversations, one between 2 brothers, one between 2 cops, then on between on brother and one cop. And it isn’t like the dialogue is so amazing. And being a racist cop does not automatically make a character compelling! And I am not a fan of Ben Foster, and he didn’t change my mind here. I was not at all impressed by this film. Sure one scene with an ornary waitress was enjoyable. And the ending is OK, but really does not make up for the rest! I can’t believe this film has gotten so much positive press! Of course I can’t believe most of the Awards hopefuls are getting the reviews they are!

Two brothers, Toby (Chris Pine) and his ex-con brother Tanner (Ben Foster) are robbing banks. All the banks are from Texas Midlands Bank, which has non-working security cameras. They take the stolen cars they use and bury them after each robbery.

Two texas Rangers are on their trail. The close to retirement and racist Marcus Hamilton (Jeff Bridges) and his half Native American half Mexican partner Albero Parker (Gil Birmingham). They get their first lead when Tanner robs a different bank with cameras across the street from a Diner.



The brothers take their money to an Indian Casino in Oklahama to launder the cash, and use it to pay off the reverse mortgage on their mother’s ranch where they have discovered oil, but the house is under lein to Texas Midlands Bank. The brothers are going to use the legal gambling money to pay off the house and give it to his two sons legally.

Hamilton figures out which bank they will rob next and races two it as the brothers rob it and it goes bad and they kill someone. Armed locals give chase as do the rangers, but Toby escapes, as Tanner runs into the desert. Taner kills Parker, and is killed by Hamilton.

Toby pays off the kein and gets it handed to his sons.

After Hamilton retires he visits the ranch and confronts Toby, seeing that he has given the ranch to his sons and ex wife. He agrees to come and see Toby at his apartment in town to confront him and basically take him out because he knows he is guilty, and Toby agrees as he feels guilty.




Really?!? That is it? The final confrontation is pretty decent, but we don’t even see their final showdown, making it really not a western. And then it ends on a shot of grass. And really the movie is just a series of boring conversations, without great dialogue. With nothing special going on. And nothing really showing why the brothers are friends, or why the partners get along when everyone are just bastards to each other. Nothing here really made me care about anyone. I just don’t see the point.

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