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Hacksaw Ridge by Mel Gibson 2016

I have to admit that I had been a fan of Gibson. I grew up on the Road Warrior and think he is a talented director, though never have seen The Passion of the Christ. So I was looking forward to Hacksaw Ridge, and it was alright, though it really did not blow me away. Honestly, it was bit too straight forward overall, making his early life fairly boring, then the Hacksaw Ridge being a bit overly violent (Gibson’s ridiculous statements on the violence in Marvel films is laughable after seeing this gore) and ridiculous, with Vince Vaughn Grease gun seeming to have endless ammo. And the fact that everyone is acting like Andrew Garfield is so small and thin, but Garfield is 5′ 10″ and not that small! And I was a bit thrown in the battle sequences because of the blood. Something about the blood looks off, like either some was digitally added, or it had some weird color correct to make it stand out, but it made it look fake to me, and that pulled me out a bit. And that the aforementioned Vince Vaugn seems miscast, basing his performance on a cursory look at R. Lee Ermy in Full Metal Jacket. Really it is a pretty amazing story, but overall one that really didn’t pull me as much as the true story actually should. It is not a bad film, but not great.

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