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The Rebel by Charlie Nguyen (2007)

A Vietnamese actioner, much in the vein of recent Thai action films, it is low budget, and doesn’t have much depth of character, but it has great action, and a decent story. This one gives itself an excuse for the action by setting itself during the French Occupation of VIetnam in the 1920’s. This is a must see for any action film buff, and will soon be easier tog et because the Weinstein Company has picked it up, of course that means it could sit on the shelves for the next 2 years while everyone watches it, but this one is pretty hard to find with English subtitles, so many will have to wait for the US release. And it is cool to see someone direct his brothers in a film.

In 1920’s French Colonial Vietnam Le Van Cuong (Johnny Nguyen) is an officer working for the French government along with his boss Sy (Dustin Nguyen who was in 21 Jump Street all those years back, ha!). Cuong has a father (Chanh Tin Nguyen) who is an opium addict, and has never really questioned what he is doing because he is following the law, but things will soon change. Cuong is there for an assassination attempt on a French official, and kills his first rebel. The official is killed, but the rebels are taken, especially their leader the young and beautiful Vo Thanh Thuy (Veronica Ngo Thanh Van) whose father is a wanted rebel leader. Sy wants to use Thuy to get to her father, but Cuong has a different idea, and something is stirred by the sight of this beautiful young girl fighting for what she believes in.



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