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La La Land written and directed by Damien Chazelle (2016)

Really? Really? This is the film with all the Oscar Buzz, and that people are saying single handedly will save the musical? You have to be kidding me. It isn’t even a very good musical. I can’t remember a single song. And neither Ryan Gosling or Emma Stone are very good singers nor dancers. Nor is it the love song to Los Angeles everyone thinks it is. It is a conpletely fictitious LA, where the geography is wrong and they have the same street lights literally everywhere. Nor is it a great love story, since other than songs you never see what the two leads see in each other! At best it is a fairly mediocre musical. Not to say I am a huge fan of musicals, but I do love old Busby Berkeley musicals, the Hong Kong shaw brothers musicals of Umetsugu Inoue, Hairspray and especially The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and this can’t touch any of those! This is a total let down! How can this have tied the Oscars for most nominations?


Superchunk at the Music Box

I have been a fan of Superchunk since college, and have been psyched that they finally started recording again after 7 years with they Leaves in the Gutter EP and now their ninth album Majesty Shredding. And Kelly and I have really enjoyed seeing shows at the Music Box as it has a great sound system which is not too loud, and we love the balcony, which was unfortunately closed last night. I did get their early enough to claim one of the side seats though, so Kelly and I were able to sit for the show, especially great since it was so hot and humid last night.

The first opening band was from Seattle, and is a band called Telekinesis, with their singer being the drummer. And they were very enjoyable and had a great energy. I ended up picking up their album for $10 at the show, and it is quite good.

The second band was the Vaselines, and I was not much of fan, neither was Kelly.

Superchunk though were amazing! Mac McCaughan and his high pitched voice were fantastic, and played songs spanning their whole career, not just focusing on Majestic Shredding. McCaughan has so much energy it is infectious (really shows you were he got the song Hyper Enough, one of my personal favorites, along with Nu Bruises, which they also played).


Meat Loaf’s Hang Cool Tour at the Gibson Amphitheatre

I have been a fan of Meat Loaf since I was a little kid, and have always wanted to see him in concert, though of late once I had the money the tickets seemed absorbently priced, but when we saw them for $10 on Goldstar we jumped on them even though Kelly was sick. And I sure hope they made back their money and made some money because this was an incredible show. Not only was Meat Loaf amazing (if his voice is this good at 62, how would have sounded in his 20’s), but his stage show was spectacular, I mean 2 huge balloon figures, fireworks, flames! This is an amazing show, and would have been easy worth $50 a ticket! I want to see him next time around too!

The started by stalking the stage with a pink guitar with a cancer awareness badge on it, and a tiny little amp that when it played it exploded into fireworks! Oh yea!


Tegan and Sara, Orpheum, Los Angeles, CA

Took my ailing wife (the muscles in her back have locked up, and I could not convince her to just rest) to see Tegan and Sara for the 3rd time last night, and once again it was an amazing show.

Tonight was the kick off of their new tour for their 6th Album Sainthood which is released on Tuesday (though their album has been streaming on MySpace for a few days, so we could hear it first). The Quin sisters were amazing as usual, not only in their playing, but of course in their banter, which is what makes their live shows so much fun, in fact I think my wife enjoys it more than the show. They are hysterical, honestly they could do a comedy album! Actually I would love to hear an album of theirs with songs, and banter in between each! The show was excellent, and I just wish they were like Pearl Jam and released each concert on MP3 could purchase later, because I would love to have copies of all the shows I have seen of there’s, as they are all great shows, and quite amusing.


Flogging Molly at the Palladium, Hollywood, CA, October 25th, 2008

Kelly and I had been looking forward to this show for some time, as she had never seen Flogging Molly, and I knew what a great live show they are, and it was made more exciting by being at the newly renovated Hollywood Palladium. Well I have to say Flogging Molly was amazing, but overall I had some major issues with the show. First off the renovated Palladium doesn’t seem much different than the old Palladium which I have been to many times back when I was in college and after. Sure the paint is fresh, and they have a ton of bars, and you can use a credit card anyplace, but other than that it looks the same. And the ceiling while having cool chandeliers, still has air conditioning vents, and strange holes it looks like they didn’t bother to plug. And those are the minor gripes, the big one is the sound system. The sound was way too loud, and I am talking easily 30%-50% into the painful range. Ridiculously loud! And I forgot my ear plugs, so we bought drinks so we could get napkins and shove them in our ears, and that barely helped at all. And then there were the opening bands….


Tegan and Sara at the Henry Fonda Theatre, Hollywood, CA, October 18th, 2008

Wow, what an amazing show. This is the second time that my fiancée and I Kelly Lynn Pancho have gone and seen Tegan and Sara. We saw them last year at the Orpheum Theater in Downtown when they played with Northern State. And this time they were less than a mile from my house, so we walked to the show, which was great exercise, and nice not to have to deal with parking. This time around they had two opening bands, Girl in a Coma and City and Colour, and they also had 3 band members instead of two this time around. And this was a smaller space, with general admission, but some seating upstairs, where we sat, and this was the 3rd of 4 nights in Los Angeles, and an amazing show! I AM SO HAPPY WE WENT!


Tegan and Sarah, Orpheum Theater, Downtown Los Angeles (10/29/2007)

I heard about their tour just before their new album The Con had come out, and was depressed to hear they were playing that week in Malibu, but amazingly this Canadian band came back a few months later to play in downtown Los Angeles. I had actually only heard of them a month or two earlier than The Con came out when there was an article on them in Rolling Stone, and had been playing them allot, but my girlfriend Kelly said she couldn’t stand them and couldn’t stand their singing. Well I bought 2 tickets anyway, and had heard how great these girls were live, and that it would probably change Kelly’s mind, and the rumors were right. This was an amazing show.

The show was at the beautiful Orpheum Theater in downtown Los Angeles, not the best neighborhood, but a gorgeous theater and completely redone. In fact I had been in here before when I was working on a commericial that had shot there when the theater had been closed down for a number of years. I really want to go back, I wonder what else is playing there.


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Selling Out & Going Home by Get Set Go, Written by Michael “Mike TV” Torres (2007)

Mike TV has really pulled out all the stops with this album, and has made a damn near perfect album. Now I have been a fan of these guys for some time, watching them at Mr. T’s Bowl long before they released thee completely perfect album SO YOU’VE RUINED YOU LIFE, one of the ultimate punk albums with Mike’s poetry shouting it out and brining it home. And I have to admit that I was not as big a fan of ORDINARY WORLD their second album. I still loved the lyrics, but with the new lineup for the band, and the addition of Eric Summer on Viola the band had mellowed out a little too much for my taste. Well with the third album Mike has managed to find a balance between the 2 albums, creating a musical vision that is as rocking as their first album, but at the same time as beautiful as the second album.


Get Set Go Record Release Party “Selling Out & Going Home” 2007

Last night was the record release party for Get Set Go’s new album at the Key Club in West Hollywood, with an amazing band lineup.

The Electrolites
Yes Dear
Get Set Go
New Maximum Donkey

My only complaint is the sound system was pretty inferior. The mix was bad, and the vocals were hard to hear, and some of the speakers sounded blown. Still the performances were all top notch.


Tenacious D The Complete Master Works (2003)

A complete collection for all those who love this insane duo. And watching this you really realize just how insane these 2 are. Great musicians, but they are just silly and crazy.


Muse at the Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA 07-19-06

I had never heard of MUSIC, until I started listening to the music my girlfriend Kelly had listed on her MySpace profile, and some of the bands I was not so hot on, like the RASMUS, but I started listening to Muse and specifically the album ORIGIN OF SYMMETRY and I really liked it. Muse came off as huge lovers of both RADIOHEAD and PINK FLOYD, 2 of my favorite bands as is. So I started listening to THE MUSe and have really enjoyed their music, and ended up signing up for their mailing list, so when they had an LA show (only one week after their new album BLACK HOLES AND REVELATIONS was scheduled to come out) I ordered 2 tickets, one for me and one for my girlfriend. And I must say this was an incredible show. The opening band from New York wasn’t too impressive, but I had no idea just how talented the Singer/guitarist/piano player Matt Bellamy really was. If you can check out these guys on tour, you will not be disappointed.


m-flo DVD tour 2005 Beat Space Nine at Budokan

Honestly I never thought their could be a live DVD that topped the m-flo Astromantic DVD, but this one managed to do it. Not only do they get back some of the people who were missing from the Astromantic DVD like BoA, but they do the whole concert this time with Banter and have a short behind the scenes at the end of it, plus Lisa sings 3 songs with m-flo! Nice!


David Gray at the Gibson Ampitheatre, Los Angeles, CA 03-21-06

David Gray finished off his US tour for his recent album Life in Slow Motion with a packed show at the Gibson Ampitheater. Actually first saw him play in college, when he certainly wasn’t so big, since his first album A Century Ends was released in 1993. Took my girlfriend who only knew 2 of his songs, and I am pretty sure she enjoyed it too, Gray is such a talented live performer and so is his entire band.


Live 8 DVD 2005

From the sequel to the seminal Live Aid concert of the 1980’s, and once again to help the poverty stricken in Africa. This concert took place all over the world on July 2nd 2005, and features many prominent musicians the world over, but I have to admit I bought it for one reason, and one reason only. I bought the DVD to see and hear the return of Roger Waters to Pink Floyd. In fact I would be much happier with Pink Floyd reunion concert. Sure their are otehr great bands there, but Floyd is the reason to watch. In fact I have to admit to not even watching the whole DVD, as I don’t like most of the bands. I guess that is what turning 30 is.


Get Set Go and New Maximum Donkey at The Old Town Pub in Pasadena

And awesome show, just a couple of days after New Maximum Donkey released their album (and it is available on Amazon). My first time at the Old Town Pub, which is a tiny little place, though with a nice little courtyard, and they only serve beers and cider, though they have a lot. And it is certainly better lit than T’s.


Yes Dear at the Troubadour 04-27-2005

I could only stay for Yes Dear last night, but I do so love The Troubadour as a venue. I sat up top and had the best view of the show I could want, except I wish I could have had my good digital still camera, as I could have taken some amazing pictures. It was a great set, as usual, my only complaint being that it should have been longer because they weren’t the final headliner!


m-flo Astromantic DVD (2005)

I have been a fan of m-flo since I first heard them. These guys are a totally off the wall Japanese Dance band. My friend Ashanti Luke is responsible for turning me on to them. And I have almost every release of theirs except some of their earlier videos and some of their singles that haven’t been available for some time. These are Japanese who were American School students in Japan, and were Originally Verbal the singer, Taku Takahashi the DJ and Lisa, but Lisa left the band to go solo. Her first album sucked, though he latest album Gratitude was very good. Well I was worried about m-flo, but I shouldn’t have, they did what they had done with the album m-flo turns it out which is a compilation of them with other singers and performers, and began releasing the m-flo loves singles with various different artists, which culminated in the album ASTROMANTIC and later INSIDE, and in fact they have released some new loves albums lately and have more on the way. Well this DVD is live footage and the existing music videos. Damn does this make me want to see one of their live shows!


Yes Dear’s second show 01-16-05 Knitting Factory Main Stage

Wow. I wasn’t too into the other bands, but the Yes Dear set was amazing. It gave me visions of seeing Arlo again. Damn what an amazing set. Much longer set than last night, 10 songs this time (I guess that is their whole set at this point). Wow!


Yes Dear’s 1st Show 01-15-05 Knitting Factory Alterknit Lounge

Went to the show at the Alterknit lounge last night, and it was pretty bad ass. Didn’t get to stay for the whole show because my girlfriend was exhausted and it really isn’t her music (we really don’t like the same music, except maybe some Wong Faye). I did catch Ahmast

New Years 2004-2005 Mr. T’s Bowl

An amazing night, as usual at T’s. A few way too drunk fans of one of the bands really kept me from video taping, but I brought my girlfriend and she got her first exposure to the scene, which was cool. I think she enjoyed Get Set Go and I know she loved New Maximum Donkey so…


Alpine iPod Interface

I got an ALPINE CDA-9827 and the Alpine iPod interface. While I like the audio quality, and the fact that it charges my iPod, I think the interface is garbage. It is like putting a Ferrari engine in an old VW bug. Why you ask?


Get Set Go and New Maximum Donkey at T’s 7-30-2004

The 3rd of Dr. Modo’s last shows with Get Set Go was tonight at T’s, and it was a phenomenal show.


Darren Hanlon

I have been listening 2 the album, EP, and 2 singles I got. I am dyeing for his next album which comes out next month.


The Magnetic Fields with Darren Hanlon at Wilshire Ebel Theater 7-17-2004

An amazing show, with an opening band that really blew me away. Great to finally see The Magnetic fields not only play, but put on such an amazing show


The Mountain Goats at Spaceland

The Mountain Goats Rock. John was very cool. This was the 4th time I have seen him play.


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