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Zatoichi The Television Series Volume Four by Katsu Shintaro (1974)

Another 4 episodes of the Television incarnation of the amazing blind masseuse swordsman Zatoichi as played by and directed by the great Katsu Shintaro. Damn if he isn’t good at opening his eyes to show the whites in his eyes. Zatoichi is one of the most famous samurai characters of all time with his trademark sword cane and his lower handed fighting style that is a true style. It is also amazing that while Katsu-Shin didn’t direct most of the films (only some of the TV series and the final film), he did choreograph almost all of the fight scenes, and that is what Zatoichi fans love so much, seeing his lighting fast sword get drawn and swing into action, writing wrongs and helping the innocent.



Zatoichi The Television Series Volume Three by Katsu Shintaro (1974)

A 3rd volume of 4 more 45 minute Zatoichi television episodes. For any fan of Zatoichi they will greatly enjoy these films, though I do think the passing is sometimes not as fast or well paced as the features, but are still quite enjoyable, and follow more of yours and mine favorite Samurai Zatoichi, the blind Sworsdmen. Katsu Shintaro or Katsu-Shin. His character is such a lovable scoundrel, that no matter how many he kills, his goodness still shines out and makes you love him more and more. He is really an amazing and enjoyable character.


Zatoichi The Television Series Volumet Two (1974)

For a 100 episode series it is really depressing to get 1 less episode on the second disc than the first, but that is the usual MO of Anime companies and this is Media Blasters after all, but at 100 episodes we will have 24 or 25 DVD’s to get this whole series, and that is some serious money! Still it doesn’t stop this from being 4 more episodes of Zatoichi goodness. Katsu-shin rocks, and that is all there is too it.

And a cool side note, this is my 500th entry in this blog! Nice! I started this is in 2004 and it is now 2006, so 500 movies in 2006. I can’t believe that is all the movies I have seen, but that doesn’t include all the television I have watched (admitedly not that much television, but I still watch it, especially Sunday Night HBO).


Zatoichi The Television Series Volume One (1974)

I was a little wary of the Zatoichi Television series, but really I shouldn’t have been worried. This is essentially 45 minute Zatoichi films with a little less blood, and less women interested in Zatoichi, but other than that this is just more Zatoichi. If you are a fan you will love this show, though at 100 episodes this is going to be an expensive series to own especially since the first disc has 5 episodes and each subsequent only has 4.


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