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Eros by Wong Kar War, Steven Soderbergh and Michelangelo Antonioni (2004)

I stayed away from this film for a long long time, mainly because I heard the 2 films other than Wong Kar Wai’s are crap, and I do have to agree, but it is worth seeing for THE HAND, the Wong Kar Wai portion and it is phenomenal. Another Wong Kar Wai masterpiece.

THE HAND by Wong Kar Wai is a story of unrequited love between in 1950’s Shanghai. Gong Li is miss Hua, a high class courtesan whose life and lifestyle slowly declines. The film is about her relationship with the tailor Zhang (Chen Chang) who is the apprentice of Master Jin (Fung Tin), and who on his first job, she masturbated him with her hand so she could get used to women. And he became obsessed with her, his unrequited love leaving him to always help her out financially, and to stand by her no matter what.

EQUILIBRIUM by Steven Soderbergh is the strange tail of Nick Penrose (Robert Downey Jr.) who is at the psychiatrist Dr. Pearl (Alan Arkin). The film is in B&W and while Nick tells his story, Dr. Pearl is distracted, and is looking out the window with binoculars and is trying to talk to someone outside or across the way. Throwing paper airplanes and making hand gestures.

IL FILO PERICOLOSO DELLE COSE by Michelangelo Antonioni is about a couple, Christopher (Christopher Buchholz) and Cloe (Reginia Nemni) who have just broken, but then go out and spend the day together bickering and arguing. Nick then goes to an old house and finds Linda (Luisa Ranieri) who has sex with and admires the view.


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