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Star Trek The New Voyages Episode 2 “In Harm’s Way” The Special Edition by Jack Marshall (2004)

These are by far the most impressive fan made films I have ever seen, and I love the return to classic stories, such as the Doomsday Device, and even the return of a very mobile Captain Christopher Pike. And it is good to see the old Enterprise really put through her paces, and moving at really impressive speeds. The acting seems to be getting better as well, and I am sure will improve with time. Sure, some of the effects are too much (the Faragut flying down to the surface of a planet to go through a gateway), but the show really keeps with the original’s feel, look and heart. This is a must see for all Star Trek fans!


Star Trek The New Voyages Episode 1 “Come What May” by Jack Marshall (2004)

I had downloaded this episode a while back when it first came out, and not watched the whole thing, but a new article on this fan based internet series is in the newest issue of wired, and it got me back into watching this show, and while the acting is not very impressive, the stories are great, and follow right as if this is the continuation of the original 4 year mission, and the effects are top notch, being done by a guy who has worked on trek for years, but goes by a psuedonym so as to save his job. Really it is just the acting that is problematic, and the fact that Walter Koenig joins episode 3 will certainly bring that up.


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