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The Raid: Redemption by Gareth Evans (2011)


Wow! I will say that again! Wow! Now this is action, and action one right. Easily one of the top 10 best martial arts films ever made! Fantastic! This film features Indonesian pencak silat martial arts in over the top action with a 1.1 million US budget. Thailand who took the action crown from Hong Kong now needs to be worried about Indonesia! It is that good. The story is simple, but perfct as. Martial arts showcase. A martial arts expert Rama played by Iko Uwais is on a raid of a tall apartment building completely controlled by a criminal. The raid is set by a corrupt cop, and much of the team is killed instantly, but not Rama who manages to fight his way out, especially with the help of his criminal brother. The is the second film by Evans using silat and his action choreographers Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian (the first Merantau is in my Netflix cue) and a third about a prison is planned (it was actually supposed to be the second film, but proved too complicated, but thanks to this movie has now been financed and will be a semi sequel. I can’t wit for more! This is a must see!

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