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District 9 by Neill Blomkamp (2009)

I had been excited that Peter Jackson was producing the HALO film, even if Blomkamp hadn’t done any features before, and was depressed when that fell through, and am glad they decided they still wanted to work together and turn Blomkamp’s earlier short film into a feature length film. I must say I did really enjoy it. In fact it is one of the best Science Fiction films I have had the pleasure to watch in some time, even if I think it has some major writing flaws that could have easily been worked out to make the film stronger. Still the film looks great (for all the complaining I have heard about the RED it was pretty damn impressive here), had great acting, and a very good setup, and most impressively in a 30 million dollar film, the effects look amazing. In fact there was no point where I was pulled out of the film by an effects shot, they all were perfectly integrated into the film, and look fantastic, This looks like a documentary that features newly arrived aliens to Earth. This is really a must see, and it is too bad my wife Kelly can’t see it, because it is mostly handheld and would probably make her pretty darn sick. And this film is not just your standard brainless science fiction film, being set in South Africa, about racism and slums, it is a thinly veiled look at Apartheid, which Blomkamp grew up in, but it is also more than that. The film also shows corporations and their taking over military actions, without oversight, much like Xe, formerly known as Blackwater, which has done so much bad in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the government turns a blind eye. And I must say the film looks even better when compared to the recently released Avatar trailer by James Cameron. After all that hype to see a film that looks like a high end video game cutscene, and not even that impressive of one at that and yet cost $230 million to make, and then see District 9 which only cost $30 million and so far looks much more impressive is really heartening to someone who would love to make lower budget films.

Twenty something years in the past a large circular alien ship came to earth, and stopped over Johannesburg, South Africa, with a piece, thought to be the command module falling off, and no where to be found. After months of waiting they flew up to the floating ship and cut into it’s hull, finding a ship full of starved insect like aliens. The aliens were quickly houses in a government camp inside Johannesburg, called District 9, which quickly became a slum, ruled by violence, and Nigerian gangsters who trade for Alien weaponry (even though only aliens can use it) and eat aliens hoping to become like them, so they can use the weapons. A private paramilitary organization named the MNU or Multinational United is put in charge of the slum, and the decision to move the camp 200KM outsie Johannesburg to a new “camp” so the citizens can have their city back free of Aliens. To make it appear legal, MNU is sending in teams to get signatures saying that the Aliens, derogatorily called Prawns have legally agreed to it, though they are being forced to do it at gunpoint. Wikus can de Merwe (Sharlto Copley) a bit of a moron working for MNU is assigned to lead the operation to evict the aliens by his boss, his father in law, and he happily takes the position, going in with the paramilitary to force signatures from the Aliens so they can be forcibly moved to the internment camp of District 10.



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