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Tegan and Sara, Orpheum, Los Angeles, CA

Took my ailing wife (the muscles in her back have locked up, and I could not convince her to just rest) to see Tegan and Sara for the 3rd time last night, and once again it was an amazing show.

Tonight was the kick off of their new tour for their 6th Album Sainthood which is released on Tuesday (though their album has been streaming on MySpace for a few days, so we could hear it first). The Quin sisters were amazing as usual, not only in their playing, but of course in their banter, which is what makes their live shows so much fun, in fact I think my wife enjoys it more than the show. They are hysterical, honestly they could do a comedy album! Actually I would love to hear an album of theirs with songs, and banter in between each! The show was excellent, and I just wish they were like Pearl Jam and released each concert on MP3 could purchase later, because I would love to have copies of all the shows I have seen of there’s, as they are all great shows, and quite amusing.


The Red Violin by Francois Girard (1998)

Another incredible film by the director of 32 Short films about Glenn Gould, and an incredible film about music and musical instruments. This is a film that is a the story of a single violin and it’s story as it travels around the world from the time it was made until modern times when it is discovered. This is a gorgeous and powerful film. So well done, and a filmmaker that is obviously so passionate about music, and also such a skilled filmmaker. This is a fantastic film and an absolute must see.

This film is about the mythical red violin, and violin created by a master violinist after his wife died, and it’s journey up until Modern times. In Modern times it it is found in a shipment of violins from China that is going up for auction in Canada, and is found Charles Morritz (Samuel L. Jackson) who instantly realizes what it could be, and secretly attempts to find out, without warning the people who have it. We then see the journey of this tragic violin that always seemed to be cursed.



Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould by Francois Girard (1993)

I have loved this film when it came out, it blew me away, and made me start listening the the classical piano recordings of Glenn Gould, the greatest concert pianist the world has ever known, and whose recording was including on the 2 Voyager probes. This is an amazing film, that mixes documentary interviews with people who were actually in the life of Glenn Gould, as well as as a dramatized version of this eccentric genius’s life, in an amazing performance by Colme Feore. There is even an animated film, and a film of actual x-rays taken while Gould was playing, and a film entirely about all the drugs that Gould was on, and how he shouldn’t have taken with them with each other. This film while small episodes in the life of this musician, you still get a picture of his life from giving up his career as a concert pianist and backing away into seclusion, and recordings, and finally becoming obsessed with his own death, not long before his own death. An amazing and powerful film.

The film is not a direct narrative, but it does cover the life of the amazing concert pianist Glenn Gould (Colme Feore), and through these 32 short films, encompassing narrative retellings of events in his life, and documentary interviews of people, animations and various other things that give an overall impression of this strange secluded man.



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