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JCVD by Mabrouk El Mechri (2008)

I had heard this was a good film for quite some time, and had held off, just because it was Jean Claude Van Damme, the muscles from Brussels, and just how good could it be? Pretty good it turns out. This film plays on JCVD himself, as he plays himself in the film, though of course not in a true story, but in it we can see him getting older, and having financial and family problems, and even get a self reflective moments where we are made to see that this is a film being made. A very well made film, that starts with an incredibly long tracking action shot, and becomes a thriller about a bank robbery, where the police mistakenly think that JCVD is the crook. A very well done and enjoyable film. I would put this as another must see in fact. JCVD is great. You can see he is aging, but he proves his acting chops here in a big way, but also in a fun way, but basically making fun of himself. And I love how the film is broken up into sections, each revealing a bit more of the back story and a different angle on what exactly is going on.

Jean-Claude Van Damme arrives in Brussels and takes a cab from the airport. He is having a a bad time. He may be losing his daughter in a brutal custody hearing that basically has said he is unfit to be a father, because he makes violent films. And even his young daughter has said she wants to live with her mom. His career is also doing badly, and he has no money. Even losing films to Steven Segal, and basically having to borrow money from his agent to stay alive, or even be able to pay the cab. JCVD has the cab stop, so he can run into a post office to get a money transfer. First taking some photos with fans from a video store across the way. Then shots are fired from the Post Office, and a cop approaches and see’s JCVD telling him to go away as he covers a window with furniture, and then the cop is shot as. The local police chief (Fran├žois Damiens) shows up, and they call, and get a demand to transfer money to his agent, so he will release the hostages. They even bring in his parents to talk to him, but he will not talk, nor release any hostages.


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