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Lion by Garth Davis (2016)

This true story is well done with some powerful performances, though it does drag at times. A good film, but not great. Or at least one I don’t care to watch again.

This is the true story of Saroo Brierley (as a child by Sunny Pawar) a child goes with his brother Guddu (Abhishek Bharate) to do manual labor, but ends up wandering onto a train and falling asleep. He wakes up locked in the car as it travels all the way across India to Calcutta. He gets off, and is alone, not speaking the language Hindi, with no idea even where his home is.


Kill Me Three Times by Kriv Stenders (2014)

Honestly I rented this film to see Simon Pegg as a hitman, but I wish I had not wasted my time. Even Sullivan Stapelton (who is so great in Strike Back) can’t help make this black comedy thriller any better! None of the characters are likeable as everyone is cheating on everyone else or trying to kill each other, and tellings parts of the film out of order doesn’t help make it any better either. Honestly it just doesn’t work ans ia not worth seeing.


Australia written, produced and directed by Baz Luhrmann (2008)

I didn’t want to see this film, as it didn’t look too impressive, but with my dad and step mother to see it while back East, and have to say it was worse than I thought possible. The film is not epic, though it tries to be, and is interminably long, it’s almost 3 hours feeling more like 8. The digital effects all look very low budget, and much of the film seems to have been shot on badly lit green screen, with dramatic lighting that doesn’t fit. And the story is very mediocre, and not very moving (the original ending sounds much better), and the film tries to cram too much into one story, which should have been much shorter, and could have been just all around done better. This film is a let down on every front, trying to pull heart strings, but if you want to see a real moving film about Australia and it’s treatment of Aborigines, just go out and see Rabbit Proof Fence and don’t waste your time with this useless film.

Lady Sarah Ashley (Nicole Kidman) is a noble Englishwoman who travels to Australia to find her husband, and get him to sell the cattle ranch that is losing money. She believes her husband is cheating on her, and that is why he won’t come home. An Australian Cattle Baron owns all the other cattle land, this is King Carney (Bryan Brown) and he wants to corner the market and get the military contract to supply cattle for the British in World War II. Lady Ashley arrives with all her bags, and gets a ride to the cattle ranch Faraway Downs with a man called the Drover (Hugh Jackman) and his friend Magarri (David Ngoombujarra). The drover is friend with Aborigines, so isn’t liked by many. Lady Ashley arrives to find that her husband is dead, and the guy who runs the ranch Neil Fletcher (David Wenham) blames the death on the Aborigine King George (David Gulpilil. Sarah learns what is actually going on from a mixed boy named Nullah (Brandon Walters) who is the grandson of King George, and whose father is in fact Fletcher, though he won’t accept him, and he has to hide from the police who will take him along with other halfcasts to be trained as servants. Sarah learns that in fact Fletcher works for King Carney, and is going to marry his daughter, and he is stealing the best cattle and giving them to King Carney, so Sarah fires him, but he takes all the cowboys, so she must get the Drover, the Aboriginal women, Nullah and the drunken accountant Kipling Flynn (Jack Thompson) to drove the cattle to docks and get the cattle contract.



The Road Warrior (Mad Max 2) by George Miller (1981)

I can honestly say that this film is a major contributor to my love for cinema as it is today. I consider this one of the best action films ever made (as well as one of the best sequels, one which topped it’s predecessor), but a quintessential film in any film collectors collection. This was in fact the first R rated film I ever saw, in the theater at age 6 with my father (no doubt some of your will now be snickering and going, oh that explains things), and I loved it so much that the next night I took my step father to go see it. And when it came out on video my dad and I rented it and watched it over and over again for an entire weekend, I seem to recall over 20 times. This film has barely any dialogue, and easily the best car on car action to ever be filmed. It was this film that inspired games like Car Wars which I played for years. Max is one of the greatest anti-heroes ever. This is a must see film, and with the new HD DVD release it is even better. This is one of the best looking discs I have ever seen! The detail is fantastic. You can see film grain, but no compression artifacting, and the blacks are so nice and crisp. This film hasn’t looked better since it was in the theater.

This gorgeous cinemascope films starts out with a 3:4 film frame, showing scenes from the first film (not necessary to have seen), where we basically see that this is basically a post apocalyptic future where men fight for the last of the gasoline, roving in gangs across the landscape and destroying everything that moves. Max Rockatansky (Mel Gibson) was a former cop, who lost his whole family and his knee destroyed, and is now roaming the wastelands in his customized V-8 Interceptor (A Ford Falcon, the coolest car Ford ever made) with a giant supercharger coming through the hood, and booby trapped gas tanks on the back. It is just Max and his dingo, and immediately he is set upon by a group of road vermin, led by the motorcycle riding Wez (Vernon Wells). Max outdrives the scavengers and gets out to get their gasoline next to a rig, and manages to scare off Wez and his gay lover with his shotgun. Max then finds a gyrocopter, and is ambushed by the Gyro Captain (Bruce Spence, damn is this guy strange looking), but with his dog manages to capture him, and he makes a deal. He won’t kill him if the Gyro Captain will show him where he can get all the fuel he needs. They head to a rocky outcrop outlooking a fortified base, where they are pumping oil, but they are surrounded by the scavenging followers of the Lord Humungus (Kjell Nilsson) including Wez.



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