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Blade Runner 2049 by Denis Villeneuve, 2017

I am a huge fan of the original film, having seen every version of the film and owned many versions (included HD DVD) but I came out of this film just asking why. It is beautiful and the effects are amazing, but it is so slow, and to me overall pretty pointless. Especially when they use the music cue from the end of the first film at the end of this film, and it doesn’t bring even close the emotion of the original. And the film leaves so many questions unanswered in it’s interminably long run time. The big one’s being about Jared Let’s Niander Wallace who seems about as well thought out as his Joker in suicide squad. Overall I just don’t get the point of this film. Sure it is a visual stunner, but I also have never been much of a fan of Ryan Gosling, so watching him brood for long swaths doesn’t do much for me. And to have the big macguffin so easy to figure out just leaves this film feeling so hollow.

In 2049, 30 years after the first film after a slew of new long lasting replicants, there was a big catastrophe on Earth, but the world was saved by Niander Wallace (Jared Leto) who genetically engineered crops as well as creating new more loyal versions of Replicants (at least loyal to him). KD6-3.7 also known as K is a replicant who works at the LAPD as a blade runner, hunting down rogue replicants on earth, much like Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) in the first film. K is sent in to retire a Nexus 7 named Sapper Morton (Dave Bautista who is criminally underused here) and a forensic search of his home finds the remains of a female replicant who died during a c section, which should be impossible and would cause great unrest if known. K’s boss Lt Joshi (Robin Wright) order’s K to destroy the evidence, but he doesn’t.


K is in a relationship with a AI that projects a hologram named Joi (Ana de Armas) who is easily the most human character in the film. And ge gets a projector for her so he can take her with him wherever he goes instead of her being stuck in his living room.

K goes to Wallace’s corporate headquarters where he meets a replicant named Luv (Sylvia Hoeks) who takes him to see the records and he finds that the remains are from Rachael (Sean Young from the first film) who was romantically involved with the former Blade Runner Rick Deckard.

K returns to the farm where Rachel’s remains were found and sees 6-10-21 carved in a tree trunk where she was burried and it tires to a childhood memory of a wooden horse. And since replicant memories are implanted, Joi thinks this must mean that K is Deckard’s kid.

Niander Wallace wants to rediscover Dr Tyrell’s ability to allow replicates to reproduce which was lost in the big tragedy, so he sends Luv to steal Rachel’s remains, which K didn’t destroy.

K finds that 2 twins were born on the date and they have identical DNA, though only the boy survived. They grew up in an orphanage in San Diego, and while the records have been destroyed, he remembers the place in his memories and finds the horse with the date on it, making him realize he really must be Racheal’s son. He goes to Dr Ana Stelline (Carla Juri) a woman stuck in a bubble who creates memories for replicants, and she confirms that the orphanage memory is a real one.

K returns to the LAPD and fails his test (the new weirder version of the Voight Comp Test) Lt Joshi helps K to escape, but tells him he will now be hunted for what he did, and Luv comes there and kills and uses the LAPD computer to track K.

K has the horse scanned and finds it is radioactive, and could only be from Las Vegas. He goes to Las Vegas and finds Deckard living alone. The two fight, then have a drink, with Deckard saying he let the child to save it, having no knowledge of who it is or where it is, but K was followed and Deckard is kidnapped. K escapes and is found by a group of Replicants who tell him the child was a girl and is not him. They also tell him that he must kill Deckard before he is taken offworld where Wallace will be able to use whatever means he wants to get the info from him so he can get the child.

Wallace offers Deckard a clone of Rachel as she was (a pretty impressive effect), but he refuses to help them and they kill her and send him via aircar to the port so he can be interrogated offworld.

K intercepts them and cause the car with Deckard and Luv to crash. K and Luv battle and K is badly wounded but manages to kill Luv. Deckard says K should have killed him, but he says he did, he died in the crash, and takes him to Dr. Ana Stelline, his daughter. K lays on the steps as the music plays from Blade Runner as Roy Batty gave his amazing speech (Trying to give the moment the emotion of the original though failing) and dies on the steps. Deckard goes in and puts his hands on the glass of Dr. Stellines bubble and the film ends.



The end kills me, trying to use the music from Rutger Hauer’s amazing speech at the end of the first film, since the writers couldn’t come up with anything as good or better seemed an insult to me. And then just ending on a cut to black as Decker looks at his child. WTF!

And the first film was all about what is it is to be human, and who is more human. And the question of if Decker is human. Here the K seems not very human, though his AI Joi seems very human, but so does Sapper Morton the Nexus 8 with a normal life span.

And what the fuck is up with Wallace? Why does he have a replicant made and kill it? Just for sick pleasure? And he wants replicants to be able to to reproduce so he can have more replicants because he can’t make replicants fast enough, so childbirth is going to be faster? What? I don’t get him or his motivation. And he is so good with genetic crops, but also at replicants, and yet he is blind? Why not have replicants eyes put in? I just don’t get it.

Honestly I like the story of the 3 short films made alongside this film much better than I do this film. This film seems an expensive waste as I don’t get the point!

Not only was it way too long and borring, but there wasn’t enough story. I kept feelling like this would have been a much better and more compelling TV series that could have built up slowly and actually had character development.

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