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A Florida Project co-written and directed by Sean Baker, 2017

After the great reviews and high rotten tomatoes rating I was expecting much more from this film. It is a slice of life about small kids growing up in Orlando, Florida with mothers who shouldn’t be mothers. It is really sad that people live like this, but nothing about this movie was compelling enough for me to care. You know what is coming, and you know it should happen, but the question to me is why was this film made, and what was the point. Not only that but much of the film was hard to hear or understand, and had not much coherently going on.

Moonee (Brooklynn Prince) is a young girl and troublemaker living at a hotel outside of Orlando, Florida. She spends the days getting in trouble with her friends Scooty (Christopher Rivera) and Dicky (Aiden Malik). They cause trouble at their hotel and other’s and also befriend young Jancey (Valeria Cotto). They spend most of their time getting in trouble with the hotel manager Bobby Hicks (Willem Dafoe). Moonee’s mother is the flaky Halley (Bria Vinaite), perpetually behind rent and hustling to sell stolen perfume, or get free food from Scooty’s mom, and her best friend Ashley (Mela Murder) who works as a waitress.


First Dicky is stopped from playing with Moonee, then when the kids burn down an abandoned building next door, Ashley realizes it was the kids and stops Scooty from playing with her as well. Ashley doesn’t want her kid to be taken away by Child Protective Services. And she stops talking to Halley.

Halley keeps having trouble paying the rent so she starts turning tricks and steals 4 disney entrance braceoets that she sells.

Halley tries to make friends with Ashley again, but Ashley won’t talk to her and shows her a picture of her hookung, so Halley beats the shit out of her.

Then Child Services comes to take Moonee away, but Mooney runs away to her friend Jancey. And somehow Jancey gets her into disneyland and the two run through Disneyland.


Not only is the ending ridiculous, but after the rest of the film being shot on 35 mm, having the end stolen on shitty shaky iphone is just jarring, and how could kids sneak into Disneyland? Supposed to be a dream i guess, but WTF really!

And honestly what is the point, that some people shouldn’t have kids? Yes absolutely, but why do I need to watch it?

Sure Dafoe is the best here, but nothing amazing.

I would skip this.

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